Travel information

Here’s all the information you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Carry-on luggage

Approximate size: 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22x18x10 inches)

  • Small suitcase
  • Small duffle bag
  • Purse
  • Diaper bag
  • Laptop
  • Crutches or cane (only if its size, volume, and weight do not block transit on the bus)



Each passenger is responsible for his/her personal belongings (carry-on that has money, cellphone, laptop, cameras, fragile items). The company is not responsible for lost objects because it is out of our control and not part of our safekeeping.

Articles prohibited in your carry-on

  • Firearms
  • Knives
  • Razors
  • Xacto knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Ice picks
  • Scissors
  • Any other sharp objects

In addition to all prohibited objects, according to D.S. 017-2009- MTC:

* Article: 77.1.9 It is forbidden to transport poisonous substances, inflammable materials, explosives, and corrosives that could put the security of passengers at risk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an Armed Forces or PNP member, you must declare your firearm and when you embark it must be given into custody of the agency’s supervisor.  The firearm will be stored in the bus security compartment during transit. Upon arrival to your final destination, the supervisor can return it to you upon request.

Checked luggage

Only the suitcases or bags that are for personal use will be considered.

  • Authorized weight: 20 kilos | 1 or 2 bags that total 20 kilos (or 44lbs).
  • Excess weight per kilo: Depends on the destination.

Please note that additional cargo pricing applies to luggage that is not for personal use.

What is not considered personal luggage:

  • Boxes
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mattress
  • Bags or boxes for house relocation


PLEASE CONSIDER: If there is no available space in the luggage compartment, any excess luggage will be sent on the following bus service.  The company is not responsible for any undeclared objects nor for any damages.


  • Excluciva: 1 surfboard can be checked for free.
  • You can check additional surfboards, but an additional fee will be charged. This fee may vary depending on the season.
  • Superciva and Econociva: Surfboards are allowed, but at an additional cost. This fee may vary depending on the season.


PLEASE NOTE: The company is not responsible for any damage caused to surfboards during transit.

*The customer must bring the surfboard well wrapped or in its case.


Articles prohibited in your checked luggage



1. Fruits

According to the regulations established by the National Food Safety and Quality Service of Peru (SENASA), the areas where the transport of fruit is restricted include: OLMOS (LAMBAYEQUE), CAÑETE (LIMA), ICA, AREQUIPA, MOQUEGUA Y TACNA.

List of prohibited fruits: pepper, paprika, blueberry, araza, cocoa, coffee, caigua, caimito, pumpkin, caqui, carambola, cherry, chalarina/zapote blanco, chañal, chirimoya, plum, cocona, corrocoto, apricot, dates, peach, almonds, strawberry, pomegranate, guanábana, guava, fig, lima, lime, (sweet, cravo, rugoso, tahiti), lychee, lúcuma, mamey, mamey zapote, mandarine, mango, apple, passion fruit, quince, blackberry, oranges (chinese, sweet, sour), níspero del Japón, nuts, olives, pacae, avocado (except has), papaya, pecans, sweet cucumber, pear, pepper, pomarrosa, grapefruit, rocoto pepper, rose, tangelo, tomato, tumbo serrano, cactus fruit, vichayo, yucca (fruit), squash y zapote.

List of authorized fruits: banana, kiwi, lime (type: sútil), pineapple, coconut, granadilla, cantaloupe, watermelon, tumbo costeño, noni.

2. Poisonous substances, inflammable materials, explosives, and corrosives that could put the security of passengers at risk.

3. Foreign merchandise that does not have the necessary documentation allowing its entrance to Peru. The company is not responsible for any items seized by SUNAT authorities. In this case, if it is seized by the SUNAT, the company is not held responsible.


Traveling with pets

Allowed pets

  • Only cats and dogs.

PLEASE NOTE: exotic birds and protected or endangered species are not allowed.

Required documents

  • You need to fill out and sign Civa’s authorisation documents to transport your pet. This document is available at the reception counter.


  • Excluciva: free transportation for pets that weigh less than 13 kilos (28 lbs). If your pet is above this weight, the price is calculated according to weight and size (metric volume).
  • Superciva and Econociva: The price is established according to weight and size (metric volume).


  • For Excluciva, each passenger is allowed to bring on pet for free. Please note that this service is offered to the first 3 passengers that request it.
  • During the high season, the service may be limited or restricted.
  • This service depends on the available space in the bus luggage compartment.

Travel Documents


  • Present your national identity card (DNI), passport and/or resident card with the authorization from Immigration.
  • If a minor is travelling alone or with other family members, you will need: a notarized letter giving permission from the parents (in areas where there is no public notary, a signed permission by the Justice of Peace Court will be accepted).
  • Children over 5 years of age pay the full ticket fare and must have an assigned seat.


  • Present your national identity card (DNI), passport, and/or resident card. If you do not have your DNI, you must present an authorized written proof from RENIEC (the National Registry for Identity and Civil Status) that confirms it is being processed.


  • Present your national identity card (DNI), passport, and/or resident card.
  • Elder passengers unable to travel independently must be accompanied by a family member or professional caregiver. If not, they cannot travel and their ticket will be postponed to ensure their wellbeing and safety.
  • If they have a medical condition or if they are ill, a family member will have to sign a document that will alleviate the company’s responsibility should anything happen during the trip.

Pregnant women

  • Present your national identity card (DNI), passport, and/or resident card.
  • According to the company’s policies, pregnant women with less than 7 months can travel. If they are 8 or 9 months pregnant, she will need to present a signed document from their medical professional that indicates they are safe to travel.


  • Present your national identity card (DNI), passport, and/or resident card.
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